We’ve pulled data on the number of traffic accidents, hazards and other mishaps on all major freeways for the past five years. Use this dashboard to see the trendlines, Map the most incident-prone intersections and clock the most dangerous times of day.


The number of collisions has surged lately. We have analyzed tens of thousands of reports about roadway mishaps to understand when and where they are most likely to occur. Take a look at the accident clusters in Los Angeles and play with the graphics to see when you should avoid being on the road.


Thousands of sensors embedded in LA freeways tell a tale of growing gridlock. We have organized all the information to show how much average rush hour speeds have slowed over the years and how your commute changes hour by hour.

Public Transit

LA’s buses send out signals on their location every time they make a stop. We’ve used that information to figure out which sections of the city slow them down the most, and which routes are most likely to be late. Look at the list of Metro’s best and worst performers.